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There are 2 options for your surf packages.  Our Jacksonville Surf and Paddle trained instructors will offer the right kind of surfing instruction you need.  We can develop your custom surf training program.  These 2 options are to keep you motivated during your introduction or reintroduction to surfing, but suggest you think of your surf training as a lifetime of learning.  Surfing is a sport that can never be mastered, so keeping a humble and positive attitude will give the best chance for success.    
1. JST Total Surf Training Series : 310 Min / 5 surf sessions $245.00  (Must be completed in at least 50 days)
​2. JST Complete Surf Training Series : 600 Min / 10 surf sessions $450.00 (Must be completed in at least 80 days)
A certificate will be given to you upon completion of your specially priced pre purchased surf sessions.  
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