Weekly Surf Classes


Weekly Beginner Surf Classes are available throughout the year.  Check our schedule.  This is a great way to join a group and meet new people while you learn to surf and paddle.  Beginner Surf Classes start at 12pm. You will learn about ocean safety, tides, your equipment, standing up, balance, and riding. Ocean safety and comfort is a focus, wave riding is the goal. Our Intermediate Surf Class Starts at 8:30am, is specifically designed for graduates of this Beginner Surf Class.  Here we expand on previous concepts and learn about catching waves, paddling, timing, reading waves, and more.  Instructors will spend a majority of the class in the water surfing with students.  During our Beginner Class, instructors will be swimming along while you surf.
No experience necessary, any age, any age!  
  • All equipment included (surfboard, leash)
  • Wetsuit available if needed
  • UV Rashguard available
  • Professional Certified Instructor


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