Specialty SUP Classes



Jacksonville Surf and Paddle will help you learn to use your board safely.  You can learn how to paddleboard in flat water in one session with us, then we can do some other activities you may enjoy!

Buy or rent a paddleboard for any fitness or race training classes. Use your own board and save $15 off any class!

Paddle Fit Classes

Get Paddle Fit with Jacksonville Surf and Paddle fitness classes!  Stand Up Paddle Fitness is fun and challenging. These are workouts in the water on the paddleboard and include beach workouts. This is what true one hour watermen and waterwomen do to workout.  All skill levels welcome.  This will help tremendously with your overall fitness level. 
SUP Paddle Fitness Training Class  (Special Event, Check Schedule: $20)


SUP Race Training

Have your tried racing with your SUP yet?  It's pretty fun to go fast.  You can develop and fine tune your paddle stroke and glide. Let our champion SUP race instructors train with you to give yourself the best chance to try or win that next SUP race. If nothing else, the workout you will get from this will rock your body!
Race Training Class  (Special Event, Check Schedule: $20)

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