Lisa Andersen Surf Camp Costa Rica

Surfing in Costa Rica is a such a blessing.  We as surfers get to share it with each other.  Some magical sunsets and session for the books happen every day.  We hosted a group to go train with 4X World Champion, Lisa Andersen.  Andersen with an "en."  Tiffany Layton Oliser of Jax Surf Training arranged a trip (with a lot of help) for eight competitive up and coming amazing surf girls.  Ages ranged from 11-19 yrs and ALL Girls!  The girls who went stepped up their game while we were there.  Costa will do that.  I love that place.    

Check out the write up in Void Magazine page 34.

And It's true.  Lisa rips.  More pics up on Jacksonville Surf Training facebook page.  



Lanee Brooks from Virginia Beach, Va far away from home, but look pretty entertained.

Cierra Cunningham, Playa Negra Costa Rica 

Rachel Presti, Autumn Hayes, Brayden Cunningham, Avery Aydolette, Lisa

Andersen, Shealyn Cunningham, Tiffany Layton Oliser, Lanee Brooks, Sophie

Falzone, (missing from pic Cierra Cunningham)

Thanks Lisa, Tim, Bob and Tony.  We had a great time.  Can't wait for next year.