Beginner Surfer Q&A June 26 2017


As a surf instructor, I’m asked a lot of questions. Even though I meet people from all over the world, most of these questions are the same. Some of you haven’t quite committed to the world of surfing, so your queries are full of uncertainty, while others have taken the first step, but want more details on a variety of topics.

 I absolutely love answering these questions, so I compiled a list of the most popular ones, just for you!

 Q: “I’m older, can I still learn how to surf?”

A: Yes! You can learn to surf at any age, actually. Although you may think surfing is a sport best left to the groms (young kids), it’s a sport anyone can master. There’s a catch, though. As an adult, there are three things that can slow your learning curve: 1. Past injuries, 2. Inflexibility, 3. Mindset. Keep reading, because I’ll delve into how you can move past these adult road bumps.

Q: “I have an old injury, how will that affect my surfing?”

A: First, check with your doctor before you dive into this sport and make sure it’s safe for you to proceed. Old injuries can make us less flexible or cause discomfort during high-impact sports. With an instructor, you can learn how to modify your surf lesson to suit your needs. For example, an old back or knee injury may slow your pop-up. The solution? A bigger board and smaller waves. This will give you more time to get to your feet without stressing the injury. 

Q: “What if I’m not athletic or good at balancing?”

A: Surfing will make you athletic and balanced! You’ll just have to be patient and work hard. Flexibility, core strength and shoulder power play a huge role during surfing. Most beginners don’t start with these qualities and that’s okay. With proper instruction and practice, you’ll get there. Because surfing isn’t a sport you can do consistently, you’ll have to put in some land work to progress during those flat or incredibly stormy days. Circuit workouts targeting your abs and shoulders (push-ups, surf pop-ups, planks, etc.) will address your strength needs. Yoga or deep-seated stretches will improve your flexibility and balance.

Q: “Are there sharks here?”

A: Yes, there are sharks in this area, as well as sea turtles, dolphins, manatees and several other amazing sea creatures! The most common types of sharks around here are blacktip, hammerhead, bonnethead, lemon, and bull sharks. Contrary to “Jaws” and every other media-related shark propaganda, sharks would rather avoid people altogether. Our surf instructors will teach you a few safety tips during your lesson to ensure you always have a safe session, such as avoiding surfing through “bait pods” (large schools of fish), paddling in areas near fishermen, and understanding shark body language (a shark cruising through will swim differently than one that’s hunting). Encounters/bites are extremely rare in this area and can be avoided using the tips above.

 Q: “What does surf season look like in Florida and when is the best time to go out?”

A: This is a question requiring a several-layer answer, but I’ll keep it short. The surf season in Florida is late fall through early spring. Winter produces the most consistent swells, as the Atlantic is bustling with storm activity. Don’t despair if you’re a summer fan, though. Hurricane season runs August through October and can provide some of the largest waves in Northeast Florida. Water temperatures vary throughout the year here, dropping as low as 50 degrees in the dead of winter and jumping into the 70s and 80s during summer. Florida’s surf is unique and because our waves break on sandbars, the waves vary in form and size. Learning to surf here will make you a better surfer in the long-run, as you’ll experience various swells and learn to work with different and challenging conditions.

 Q: “When will I be good at surfing?”

A: There’s a huge learning curve in the beginning stages of surfing. Everyone is a little different, but it boils down to persistency. The surfer who paddles out as often as possible, even when conditions aren’t ideal, will be the better surfer at the end of the day. Consistency, practice and patience are key. In my opinion, surfing is 50 percent physical (meaning your athletic ability and strength) and 50 percent mindset (your outlook, including determination and positivity). You’re not only dealing with your own elements, but nature’s elements. How you perceive your surf session affects your learning rate. If you paddle out and have a rough session, but glean a learning experience, you’ll be more likely to succeed next time. If you’re easily frustrated, it will hinder your progress. Also, the more you practice, the better surfing shape you’ll be in. In terms of time, though, the average learner masters the basics (paddling out, reading and catching waves) in anywhere from six months to a year, depending on consistency.

Q: “I’ve taken a lesson, now what?”

A: One lesson is great for an introduction, but there are several levels and techniques you can gain from additional lessons. More time in the water, especially with an instructor, eliminates the frustrating aspects of the learning phase. Because I taught myself to surf, I understand the grueling process of learning alone. I wish I could go back in time and get the six months I wasted floundering around and sign up for a surf series instead! It’s worth the investment. We offer a five-lesson surf series and a 10-lesson surf series. The series really encourages consistency and allows guidance. If you prefer self-learning, I encourage you to rent different types of boards and figure out what works best for you before you invest in buying one.

If you have more questions, call our surf school and sign up for a private lesson or class


Surf & SUP School in Session! May 17 2017

Remember when the thought of school made you crinkle your nose? Maybe you associate the word with trying times of adolescence, paper deadlines and early alarm clocks. By the time the last bell rang, releasing you to summer break, the last thing you wanted think about was school.

We totally get it, which is why you won’t find any homework or math problems at our Jax Surf and Paddle School. We’re here to change your concept of “school,” because our lessons and classes include warm water, surfing, yoga and paddleboarding. Our instructors wear swimsuits, our lectures revolve around all things water, and your assignment is to have fun trying something new.

JSP initially started as a mobile surf business, founded by Jax-native and surfer Tiffany Layton Oliser. One thing led to another, the business grew, and BAM - North Florida’s premier surf school blossomed into brick-and-mortar location, which included retail. Last year, after much anticipation, the retail side of the business hopped into a separate location right around the corner, allowing us to beef-up and fine-tune our school location even more.

So what will you find at our school? Glad you asked.










If you’re new to the world of surfing and paddleboarding, you can join one of our weekend group beginner classes, where you’ll learn the fundamentals of the sport. If you prefer solo instruction, well, we have that too. Take one of our 60-minute, 90-minute, or 120-minute private surf lessons for detailed instruction.

Intermediate or advanced? Hey, everyone needs a coach. We’ll set you up with a surf series or coaching program, which means the next time you paddle out for a competition, you’ll be on top of your game.

We bring the fun to corporate events, special occasions, and parties.Our team of instructors are loaded with knowledge, so whatever class or lesson you choose, you’ll walk away with plenty of new skills.

We know one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to water sports. Our lessons are customized to your skill level and needs.

If you are in town visiting or in need of gear, we’ve got you covered. Snag a surfboard, paddleboard, skimboard, or any of our beach rentals for fun on the beach. Bocce ball, cornhole, boogie boards, bikes - we have it.












Our school is one of a kind; the local go-to for everything from lessons to events to gear. Whatever you need, we’re here for you. The second you walk through the door, our instructors are on standby to meet your requests and make the best of your vacation or visit.

We’re super stoked on our all-day youth surf camps, where your little ones will not only learn how to surf, they’ll learn water safety and teamwork. Our location is just two blocks from the beach, so you can grab a board or take a lesson, and be back in time to rinse off to grab a bite to eat nearby.

For us, the JSP School is the best summer hangout in town. Even on days off, you’ll find instructors hanging around eager to talk to visitors. We love what we do, and we hope to share that passion with you, in whatever form.

Summer is here, so leave the books and papers for fall and swing by our school for a new kind of learning experience - having fun.


Dropping in; get to know me! February 11 2016

Hello, water enthusiasts! My name is Emelia, and I am a surf instructor here at Jax Surf & Paddle. I’ll be updating this blog with surf-related material, product updates, and surfing advice. But first, let me share a bit about myself!

I’ve been an instructor at JSP for about two years, but my love for the ocean goes back as far as I can remember. I was a lifeguard, an avid beachgoer, and eventually decided to teach myself how to surf (because, hey, why not?). I moved to Jacksonville to finish my bachelor’s degree at UNF, lured to the location because of its proximity to the ocean.

I bought myself a beater board from a thrift store and began the arduous task of self-learning the ways of the waves. It wasn’t pretty, and I most definitely looked like a kook. (Kook: /noun/ a person who confidently attempts a feat in which they know nothing about and encounters incredibly embarrassing situations.) Now that I’m an instructor, I laugh thinking about my learning process. Most of the time, people learn more in a 90-minute lesson than I did in six months by myself!

There are plenty of reasons to adore my job, and it goes far beyond being in the ocean. Since day one, I’ve worked for a phenomenal boss and business, alongside the most enthusiastic coworkers. There’s never a bad day on the water (coffee cures exhaustion, and thunderstorms always pass).

In the summer, I spend most of my hours at our youth summer camp, which means I teach a bunch of fun little groms how to shred the gnar and getting a killer tan. I’m also a private instructor, which gives me one-on-one time with people of all ages and backgrounds. The best part of my job is working with people who are at the same starting point I once was, and knowing exactly how to coach them forward.

Every time someone catches a wave for the first time, I flashback to when I caught my own first wave. Talk about stoke for days! And while I spend a huge amount of time teaching others, I spend an even bigger portion of that time learning from them. South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Alaska – I meet and share moments with people from all over the world. There’s only one thing better than paddling out into the Great Blue, and that’s paddling out with someone else.

In the light of keeping it short and sweet, it’s been great introducing myself to you, and I hope I’ll have a chance to meet all of you out in the lineup one of these days. In the meantime, stay tuned to this blog for fun and enlightening articles every week!

Stay stoked!

New Afternoon and Full day options for Summer Camp 2014 June 03 2014

Starting summer 2014 Jax Surf and Paddle now offers Full Day (9am-3pm) and Afternoon (12pm-3pm) camps. Full day camps offer 2X the fun and include delicious lunch options form Fire House Subs. Afternoon camps feature the same fun as the Morning camps but offer busy moms and dads more options for scheduling. To register for Summer Camp visit out Summer Camp page or call us at the shop: 904-435-7873

Lisa Andersen Surf Camp Costa Rica September 28 2013

Surfing in Costa Rica is a such a blessing.  We as surfers get to share it with each other.  Some magical sunsets and session for the books happen every day.  We hosted a group to go train with 4X World Champion, Lisa Andersen.  Andersen with an "en."  Tiffany Layton Oliser of Jax Surf Training arranged a trip (with a lot of help) for eight competitive up and coming amazing surf girls.  Ages ranged from 11-19 yrs and ALL Girls!  The girls who went stepped up their game while we were there.  Costa will do that.  I love that place.    

Check out the write up in Void Magazine page 34.

And It's true.  Lisa rips.  More pics up on Jacksonville Surf Training facebook page.  



Lanee Brooks from Virginia Beach, Va far away from home, but look pretty entertained.

Cierra Cunningham, Playa Negra Costa Rica 

Rachel Presti, Autumn Hayes, Brayden Cunningham, Avery Aydolette, Lisa

Andersen, Shealyn Cunningham, Tiffany Layton Oliser, Lanee Brooks, Sophie

Falzone, (missing from pic Cierra Cunningham)

Thanks Lisa, Tim, Bob and Tony.  We had a great time.  Can't wait for next year.


Void Magazine May 2013 / Surf Camp Coupon! May 03 2013

Rain Rain Go Away!  Let's get fired up for warm weather.  Get your summer camp scheduled.  

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All skill levels. Ages 6-18 years.

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Here is a link to the Void  Go to Issue 31 page #99 to check out our ad with coupon. 

We heart the Void family!  Thanks guys.  

We have a variety of services to offer you this spring and summer.  

Check us out this year for Surf Class, SUP Class, SUP Yoga, Private Training and Surf and SUP Retreats.  

TPC Golf Tournament is next week...  

Go check it out then get out of the crowd and on the water with Jacksonville Surf Training.

Email:   or   Call: 904-435-SURF

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